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The Unflushables!

Did you know....the pipe that runs under your home to the property line is the homeowner’s responsibility. 

If that section of pipe gets clogged with large objects being flushed down a toilet, a large amount of grease from the kitchen sink, or by the roots of the trees on your lawn, it is the homeowner’s responsibility.  

Finding garbage in the wastewater has been a long-time battle. 

Please ONLY flush the 3 P's:

Do NOT flush anything else, such as but not limited to (the following list of items are things that have actually been pulled from the trash collector here in Athabasca)
  "flushable" wipes
  baby wipes
  disinfectant wipes
  paper towel
  feminine hygiene products and applicators
  acrylic paint
  condoms/condom packaging
  cigarette butts
  articles of clothing
  dental appliances
  dental hygiene products (floss, flossers, toothbrushes)
  food packaging
  food utensils
  bottle caps/lids
  single use rubber gloves
  infant / adult diapers
  cat litter
  large masses of hair
  cotton balls/swabs

Sewer Manhole Backup.

Garbage and items removed daily from the town sewer collection system.Wipes removed during the twice daily cleaning of the trash racks (almost 1 20L a day, 25lbs of wipes. 

Trash pulled from sewer, one bucket per day.

Paint found in the Wet Well
at the Main Lift Station.

Main lift station clean trash racks.Main lift station fouled trash racks.Main lift station pump impeller blocked by trash.Trash removed from main lift station pump impeller.

Sanitary manhole back up.