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New to Town

The Town of Athabasca has a population of 2752 and we are rather proud of some of our recreational facilities, the general layout and gradual development of the Town. We strive for improvement and are quite aware that this improvement depends, to a large extent, on a steadily increasing population along with the commerce and industry they create. For this reason, we are very glad you have relocated here and we hope that you will not hesitate to request assistance about the community life from our Town staff.


We hope your stay will be long, successful, and happy, but any stay has a beginning and the following information is essential to settling into your new home:


Water & Sewer (Property owners’ responsibility)

Arrangements must be made for connection of water or if the water is on, reading your meter. There is a $50.00 non-refundable transfer fee to connect services. The Town should be notified of any changes in property ownership. This can be done by calling the Town Office.



There are restrictions on the type of pets that may be harbored. Livestock are not allowed. Dogs and cats must be registered with the Town Office. The license fee is $75.00 for natural animals and $35.00 for neutered males or spayed females. If your animal has been neutered/spayed as well as tattooed/microchipped, then a one time only registration fee of $25.00 is charged.


Building and Development

Any new building, deck, demolition, or development over 100 square feet within the Town of Athabasca requires a Development Permit. This form can be obtained at the Town Office or on our website. There are fees attached to this schedule, and these fees are determined by the type of Development and according to our Town By-Laws.


Building Inspections

All building, plumbing, electrical, gas and private sewage permits and related inspections are carried out by:

The Inspections Group Inc.

Telephone: 1-866-554-5048 (Toll Free)

Fax: 1-866-554-5222 (Toll Free)


Business Licenses

All businesses operating within the Town of Athabasca boundary require a Business License.  For information on the Procedures and Fees, please contact the Town Office at 780-675-2063.  Fees and schedules are determined according to our Town By-Laws.


The following telephone numbers are listed for your ready reference:

Town Office:  780-675-2063

Licenses & Permits:  780-675-2063

Athabasca Regional Multiplex:  780-675-2967 and 780-675-2797 

Alice B. Donahue Library:  780-675-2735

Performing Arts Center:  780-675-5537      Bookings:  780-675-2967

Police:  780-675-4252

Hospital:  780-675-6000

Emergencies: 911