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Business Licenses

The Town of Athabasca requires that businesses operating within the municipal limits obtain a business license, which must be renewed annually.  Renewal notices are sent out in December of each year. Please refer to Bylaw 15-14 Business Licenses.


Applying for a Business License

A complete Business License Application consists of:

Payment of the Application Fee as follows: 


BYLAW 15-14

License Type                      Resident Business           Athabasca County                           Non-Resident Business


General                             $100/year                            $200/year                                            $300/year


Home Occupation            $100/year                            N/A                                                      N/A


Daily                                   $30/day (max 3 days)       $45/day (max 3 days)                        $60/day (max 3 days)


Hawkers/Peddlers          $100                                    $200                                                       $300


1 week within the Town of Athabasca = 25% of the Annual Fee 

Any Business license applied for after June 30 with be charged 50% of the Annual Fee 


Acceptable payment methods: VISA/MasterCard/Cash/Cheque/Debit

Complying and carrying out business in accordance with applicable Federal and Provincial Statutes and Regulations are the applicants’ responsibility.