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Building & Development Permits


Building and Development in the Town of Athabasca


To view a copy of our Master Services Plan click here.

Before commencing construction, all required permits will need to be obtained. Development packages, including forms and information are available at the Town Office.

Permit Requirements

Application for a development permit must be made to the Town of Athabasca.  A development permit application must be accompanied by a plot plan showing all dimensions of existing (if applicable) and proposed improvements, and a set of drawings including floor plan and elevations if applicable.  Upon review, further information may be requested prior to a final decision in this regard.

Please note: any development applications deemed to be discretionary must be dealt with by the Municipal Planning Commission and subsequent to any final decision of approval the subject property will be posted as well as notices sent to all adjacent property owners.  This permit would take effect twenty (20) days from the date of posting.

Permits are required in the following disciplines and must be obtained from the Town of Athabasca (authorization of permits and inspections will be carried out by The Inspections Group Inc.):

    - Building

    - Electrical

    - Gas

    - Plumbing 

Development Fees Schedule

1) Development Permit - Residential 

    Single Family Residential, Modular Homes, Mobile Home placement, Secondary Suites - $130.00

    Duplex, Multi-family 3-4 units - $130.00 per lot

    Multi-family over 4 units - $300.00 + $50.00 per unit over 4

    Garage, Deck, Shed, Fence, Addition, Major Home Occupation, etc. - $60.00

    Demolition - $60.00

* Any development that is deemed discretionary or requires a variance will be charged an additional $70.00.

2) Development Permit – Commercial

    New Commercial Buildings - $200.00 + $0.10/square meter of gross floor area.

    Commercial Addition, Accessory Structure - $60.00 + $0.10/square meter of gross floor area.

    Temporary Use - $60.00

    Demolition - $60.00

* Any development that is deemed discretionary or requires a variance will be charged an additional $70.00.

3) Off-Site Levy - as per Bylaw 11-15

4) Performance Guarantee 

    Residential Garages or additions - $2000.00

    Residential Construction - $3000.00

    Commercial Construction - $5000.00

The performance guarantee is refundable upon completion of the development subject to the conditions outlined below or in the Development Agreement.

5)  Meter Connection Fee

    5/8” - Cost plus 10% handling fee

    Others by agreement


The owner or owner’s representative shall make application for utility connection by signing a Utility Connection Agreement.  The developer must adhere to all conditions outlined in this agreement.

Fees are due and payable at the time application is made.  Permit applications will not be accepted until such time as payment of fees has been received.  In the event that any work, including excavation, has been started prior to the issuance of the required permits a "stop work” order will be issued and any costs incurred to place a "stop order” will be added to the cost of the permit.

* Permit fees will be doubled for any work that starts prior to the issuance of the required permits.


Occupancy of the building is not authorized until such time as a final occupancy permit is issued by the Development Authority Officer.  A final occupancy permit shall only be issued upon confirmation of receipt of all necessary inspections and permits with respect to the Building, Electrical, Gas and Plumbing Disciplines noting no deficiencies.

Clearing, Piling and Burning

In a case where land is being developed for subdivision, the developer shall not undertake the work prior to obtaining the necessary approvals.  These works shall include:

  • clearing, piling and burning of trees and shrubs
  • grading
  • any other development which may unduly affect the lands or the neighbouring lands

Performance Guarantee Refund

A performance guarantee shall be submitted to be refunded with interest upon compliance with the following:

  • all provisions outlined in the Town of Athabasca Land-Use By-law as well as the terms outlined in this document;
  • provision to the Town of an original Real Property Report;
  • off-street parking space shall be hard-surfaced in the same or superior manner as the adjacent road, highway, or lane.
  • replacement of damaged municipal improvements including but not limited to water valves, hydrants, service connections, manholes, street surfaces, curb and gutter, sidewalks and boulevard. (It is recommended that prior to undertaking any construction, the owner or builder inspects the area for visible damages.)
  • The owner is responsible for any damages as a result of the construction including subcontractor and delivery vehicles.  The Town reserves the right to make any necessary repairs and deduct the costs from the performance guarantee or to assess the value of the repairs to be deducted and perform the repairs at a later date.  The owner may make repairs within 15 days of notification by the Town provided the standards are to the satisfactory of the Town;
  • the lot grading shall be completed in strict adherence to an approved lot grading plan or, if no grading plan is available, shall grade the property to ensure positive drainage without unduly affecting neighbouring properties.

Any outstanding business license fees for any subcontractors who undertake work on the development will be deducted from this refund.

Other Fees

1) Amendments

    Amend the Land Use Bylaw - $300.00

    Amend the Municipal Development Plan - $300.00

    Amend an Area Structure or Area Redevelopment Plan - $3000.00

 2) Compliance Certificates

    Residential - $50.00

    Rush (within 48 hours) - $100.00

    Non-Residential - $50.00

    Rush (within 48 hours) - $100.00

3) Agreements

    Encroachment agreements - $100.00

4) Area Structure Plan

    Application Fee - $5000.00

 5) Development Concept Plan

    Application Fee - $5000.00


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