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Animal Registration and Licensing

Animal Licensing

As per Bylaw 002-2019 Responsible Pet Ownership, the Town of Athabasca has the following fees in place:
One-time Registration Fee for Animals:
  • All Animals         $25.00
Annual Licensing Fee for Natural Animals (in Addition to Registration Fee):
  • All Female Animals          $75.00
  • All Male Animals              $75.00
Annual Licensing Fee for Spayed/Neutered Animals (in Addition to Registration Fee):
  • All Spayed Female Animals          $35.00
  • All Neutered Male Animals          $35.00
The License fee is valid from January 01 to December 31st of the Calendar Year.
If the License is renewed before January 31st, the fee will be reduced by 50%. The same reduction will be made to owners who take possession of their animal or move into Town part way through the year, if they register and license their animal within one (1) month.
ANY ANIMAL which has been duly registered, the registration fee paid, has been spayed or neutered and has been permanently marked (tattooed or micro-chipped) shall be exempt from the Licensing Fee.
An animal owner who fails to purchase a license prior to the last day of February, or within sixty (60) days of receiving notification to purchase a license, shall be subject to the penalties outlined in the General Penalty By-Law.

To register your pet, please click here to fill out the Animal License Application, then email it to ar@athabasca.ca or drop it off at the Town office.


Animal Control

For animal control concerns please contact the Town Office at 780-675-2063, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
After hours animal control is limited only to domestic pets at large or injured pets within town limits please call 1-866-334-1346.  For all other Town of Athabasca bylaws call during regular hours or after hours RCMP (noise complaints, etc.)
For more information please follow the Facebook Page